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A city definitely rich in monuments and culture, perfect for a stay to discover history and tradition
Cattedrale di Palermo

The Sicilian city is rich in history and tradition and is certainly one of the most fascinating and evocative places in our country. Its monuments, in Norman and Baroque style, are the ones that stand out most in Southern Italy and the shows organized in the city are numerous and highly appreciated.
Those who visit Palermo for the first time must start from the Cathedral, the most famous religious building in the city and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2015.

Among the unmissable attractions in Palermo there are countless civil buildings, including palaces and museums.
Do not miss the Palazzo dei Normanni, seat of the Sicilian Assembly and ancient home of the great sovereign Frederick II.

The culture of Palermo is well explained in the many museums in the city, able to satisfy the most disparate tastes and curiosities. They range from the Antonio Salinas archaeological museum, with a large collection of Greek and Punic finds, to that of paleontology, without forgetting the gigantic botanical garden of Palermo, with over 12,000 species of plants present.

Very interesting is also Palazzo Chiaramonte, testimony of the torture and trials held on prisoners at the time of the sixteenth-century Inquisition.

Palazzo dei Normanni
Mercato di Ballarò

Nor should we forget that Palermo has a culture with very deep and deep-rooted roots.

A tour in one of the local markets, such as Ballarò or Vucciria, will take tourists through characteristic alleys and squares, to discover fish and other local gastronomic specialties.

Palermo street food is famous in Italy and in the rest of Europe and allows you to discover incredible flavors and products. Panelle, rice arancini, pani ca meusa (sandwiches with spleen) and sfincioni are just some of these much loved Palermo specialties.

From the restoration of Palazzo Butera, museum of the Valsecchi collection, in the heart of Manifesta, to the opening of two new parks, Al Medina Al Aziz which revolves around the ancient Palazzo della Zisa, a Unesco heritage site with eight other monuments of the Arab-Norman serial site, and the green heart of the Casina Cina-Pitrè park.

A No Mafia Memorial will come to life, a museum-archive-laboratory on the fight against the mafia.

Castello della Zisa

In Sicily

Some advises on the most suggestive sites not far from Palermo
Cefalù - about 70 km from Palermo

The town, which is part of the Madonie Park, is included in the club of the most beautiful villages in Italy, the association of small Italian towns that stand out for their great artistic, cultural and historical importance, for the harmony of the fabric. urban, liveability and services to citizens.

San Vito Lo Capo

An obligatory stop during a holiday in western Sicily is San Vito Lo Capo, a pretty town nestled between the iconic promontory of Monte Monaco on one side and the rocky Piana dell’Egitarso on the other.

This ancient seaside village is one of the entry points to the beautiful Zingaro Nature Reserve, with its paradisiacal hiking trails and beaches. Nature is undoubtedly one of the most attractive elements of the area but also the buildings of man, such as the ancient tonnara, the Moorish chapel or the romantic Bourbon lighthouse, will fascinate you with their suggestions of distant times and a deep bond between man and the sea. On the other hand, another famous tourist attraction in San Vito Lo Capo is more convivial: its succulent cous cous, to be tasted in a typical restaurant, perhaps by the sea, or during the Cous Cous Fest which takes place every year in September.

San Vito Lo Capo
Scopello - about 75 Km from Palermo
Scopello e Riserva dello Zingaro

Scopello and Riserva dello Zingaro are about 75 km from Palermo
small village of Scopello, famous for the “pane cunsatu”, or bread topped with tomato, horse cheese, anchovies, oil and aromatic herbs. A delight.

At the foot of the village is the tonnara with a naturalistic scenario that leaves you speechless.
Next to Scopello there is the entrance to the Zingaro Nature Reserve, a small corner of paradise on earth between unspoiled nature and the brightly colored sea.


Erice is a splendid Sicilian village rich in culture, history and traditions: from museums to civil monuments to the goodness of the place, here’s what not to miss in Erice
Perched on the top of the mountain of the same name, the medieval village of Erice stands out from the top of its 750 meters, enjoying an exceptional panoramic view overlooking the Gulf of Trapani and the Egadi islands on one side and the Valderice valley on the other, embracing the countryside of the Sicilian hinterland. Small and incredibly authentic, Erice is a maze of cobbled streets that flow between churches, squares and ancient courtyards and that tempts its visitors to discover.
Wandering among its typical climbs and descents, from Erice you can see truly unforgettable stretches of the Mediterranean and admire some of the most beautiful sunsets in Sicily. A village with a unique atmosphere, with ancient roots that have their origins in myth and imbue the walls of Erice with legend. Slowly exploring this charming village with an always fresh air can give you moments to remember forever.

Erice - about 117 Km from Palermo
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